Student Leadership

Pupil voice and equity of opportunity are central to our ethos and values, and our dedicated Student Leadership teams represent Helena Romanes School, its pupils and their interests on a variety of levels.


Year 7 Ambassadors

Our team of Year 7 Ambassadors have an important role in establishing and strengthening our connections with the wider community, and in particular act as pupil liaisons between Helena Romanes School and our local Primary settings. 

Ambassadors are chosen by their Form Tutors, and reflect the high standards of the school. They are kind, caring, responsible and enjoy working as part of a team.

Our ambassadors volunteer to support Year 6 pupils at many of our open days and events. They also arrange craft activities for our Primary phase here at Helena Romanes.

Connecting with and support our local community is also a key responsibility of this role. Our pupils organise Christmas Card deliveries to local Care Homes and donations of gifts for disadvantaged families.

The ambassadors also author a termly newsletter for Primary Schools, sharing their experiences of Key Stage 3 and beyond.


Over the summer term of Year 10 the application window opens for Prefects. 

After applying with a letter demonstrating their commitment to the school, their vision for the roles and why they would be brilliant at the role; students are interviewed by the Head of Year 11 and one of the school's Assistant Headteachers. 

A range of aspects are taken into consideration including how well students demonstrate the school values.

The role is wide and varied, but some activities that Prefects undertake are:

  • Working with Year 7 tutor groups
  • Running and participating in student voice
  • Helping out with lunchtime clubs
  • Support Key Stage 3 students with reading and mentoring
  • Participating in the Anti Bullying group
  • Running school competitions 
  • Organising the Christmas Assembly

Being a Prefect is a privilege, these students make substantial contributions to the school community and are managed by the secondary phase Head Students as well as the Head of Year 11. 

Our Secondary LEaders

Secondary Head STUDENTS

Our Head Students are excellent ambassadors for Helena Romanes School, and intrinsically represent the core values and strong ethos of our school.


Hello, I’m Thomas, and I’m Head Student for the Secondary School at HRS. I’ve been at Helena Romanes since Year 7 and have enjoyed my time here. Since the open evening when I was in Year 6, I wanted to be Head Student as I saw the speech of the Head Students at the time. I thought they were amazing and I was inspired. 

As Head Student, I would like to improve the school as much as possible. For example, I have been striving to improve the music department by attending many clubs and activities. For example, I played the Last Post on Armistice Day and have played in all the concerts available to me. Additionally, I would like to attempt to bring the three sections of the school closer together, because I think this will remind people about the benefits of an all-through school, giving younger students an opportunity to meet and learn from older students.

Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at HRS, getting to know the teachers and other pupils, who have supported me and my future. This school has helped me develop many new skills, and as Head Student, I hope to help others do the same, so they leave school feeling accomplished and ready for the next steps.


Hello, I'm Anri, and I'm thrilled to be Head Student this year. Having been a part of this school's community since Year 7, I've witnessed the incredible spirit and potential that resides within our school.

Our school keeps improving every year to become an even better learning environment. I feel that everyone involved, from parents to students to teachers, have all contributed each in their own way to its growing values of diversity, creativity and endless possibilities. From the productive classrooms to the buzzing hallways, It's hard not to appreciate the unique spirit that defines us. 

My goal as Head Student is to celebrate and nurture this spirit, fostering an environment where everyone feels heard and empowered. I believe in the power of collaboration and taking responsibility. Through this, we can make our school an empowering place where every voice matters and where differences and achievements are not just accepted but celebrated. But most importantly, I hope to make others enjoy their time at school while laying the foundations for their future.





Our two Head Students, Will and Maisie represent the sixth form and the school as a whole. They support Mr Cooke in his role as Director of Sixth Form and act as fantastic ambassadors for the school. Both students have been at HRS since Year 7 and are brilliant role models for students in our secondary phase. 


Hi, I’m Will and I am one of the Sixth Form Head Students at HRS. I’ve been here since my first year of secondary school and have loved every minute of it. Over my 6 years here, I have constantly felt so supported by my teachers, and I’ve also made some amazing friends along the way.

When I finished my GCSEs in Year 11, I knew that going to sixth form would be very different and a big step up from what I had been used to, but from my very first day in Year 12, the Sixth Form staff and existing students made me feel so welcome, and I could not have wished for a better place to do my A-Levels.

Throughout my time here, I’ve always felt really comfortable expressing myself and people have always shown interest in the things that I’m doing. It’s great to be surrounded by a team of people who really care about me and my future, as well as having fun along the way! As Head Student, I hope to be able to encourage others to share their passions and not be afraid of being themselves and doing things they love doing.



Hi, I'm Maisie, and I am a head student here at HRS sixth form. 

Being here throughout the years, starting in Year 7, I have always felt happy within the school community. The teachers are always working hard to ensure students' success and I personally felt well-supported throughout my years, especially in my GCSE's and the daunting transition to Year 12. 

The Sixth Form is a lovely environment in which I feel both the students and staff help to create. I would say that I feel I have access to information and support whenever I need and my own teachers cannot help enough. I feel comfortable and surrounded by good friends and I couldn't have picked a better place to learn.

Within my role as head student I hope to help others and share my experiences within the school. I feel as though having this role will allow me to support my peers and those in the lower school and be a voice for the sixth form and the ideas that arise.  Most importantly I hope to make others happy